You can become a Champion!

There are thousands out there doing incredible things for our families everyday. Join us!

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Champions like you make our programs and services possible for thousands of children across metro Atlanta and North Georgia. Champions are AMAZING!

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Hundreds of times each day children are asking us “Do you see me? Do I matter? Our response is represented in their behavior everyday. Champions that give their time make our children know they are loved.


Champions help provide books for our children. Do you have books that you are not using? We looking for Champions to do a book drive. Collect books for toddlers through 1st grade to donate.

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We are searching for 100-Readers to spend time reading and acting out books to our children. Get involved anytime between 9 am and 12 noon.

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Champions attend our special events and make our events possible by attending, Volunteering or becoming a part of a Committee that makes our events happen.